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Wrinkle injections with hyaluronic acid

When Wrinkle we work with the raw material hyaluronic acid, an endogenous substance that has been used for years in the orthopedic field.
The hyaluronic acid is free of side effects. Since it is a non-animal product, an allergy test is not necessary. We use the product Princess ® from Sweden, Austria, which has proven its effectiveness in more than 66 studies extensively documented and clinically proven.

the hyaluronic acid is injected to numb the skin prior. This very gentle treatment breaks down the skin aging caused by the natural folds. It gives the skin back strength and resilience.

Wrinkle Correction with PRINCESS Filler

Minimally invasive facial rejuvenation with a result that is equal to a small facelift. For individual needs and regions are different Hyaluronprodukte available which differ in their different networking capability. Thus superficial bumps are equally effective as injection under generous spraying for "profiles".

Applications of wrinkle treatment

Your appearance will be back fresh and radiant

As a rule, the treatment lasts for half an hour and the effect lasts for up to one year. The results are immediately visible. Your skin will be healthier and softer. This will make a fresher and more dynamic impression. Their environment will notice how good you look without seeing the reason.
The effect is long-lasting, but not permanent. How to decide when you would like another treatment.