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Kaiserschnitt - Wunsch oder Notwendigkeit

ISBN 3851671600

Nature has had its day. Children are not simply brought to the world. The birth - the central event in everyone's life - is "Explicit terminated" after the business calendar, and chance is avoided from the outset. "Request cesarean" is the magic word, which promises us the high-tech medical security and predictability. Of course release - that was yesterday! Or we have today - blinded by progress and technology faith - placed them in a dangerous impasse? Are we really at the beginning of a terrible erroneous path? The author shows the basis of impressive examples of how to be born very different: some culturally conditioned, but also as a result of various methods and techniques. A book for every pregnant woman - and those who want to become. But also for future fathers ...

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The dream of a painless birth

"Caesarean section - choice or necessity," the title of the book published in August of Viennese gynecologist Dr. Wolfgang Grin, in which he engaged with a lot of empathy with one of those great moments in life, the birth of a child. Without lapsing into sentimentality, the author analyzes the facts of the incarnation of the ancient world to the present state of modern high-tech medicine. The presentations of the individual birth methods, problem-vaginal birth, cesarean request, ventouse / forceps and Notsectio be on hand case studies - even celebrities - conveys realistic and descriptive. Grin puts the reader, however, to not scare (the reader), but the pregnant technically sound and understandable decision support in the choice of for her "real" birth method. In the 21st Century, it is up to each woman alone for the type of delivery, she decides. However, the desire caesarean that makes giving birth to a risk calculation, really is the right, the safe way? Awaken the "prophecies for the year 2023," the doyen of Austrian Obstetrics, Univ.Prof.Dr.Peter Husslein, primarily a bit "queasy" feeling in the reader, they are undoubtedly necessary, because only through the use of medical foundations freedom of choice be created. "New medical knowledge farther only the repertoire of options that are feasible in this day and age, but not the actual underlying spiritual lifestyle," Grin respects the desire of pregnant women. Even for doctors is well worth reading, for example, the chapter "Once" and "Jakub Nufer - Kaponenmacher and midwives", who, as a trained pig "Castrator" in 1500 release, with "God Hülff and Beystand" his wife by caesarian section, after helping "dreyzehen midwifery nurses or woe-mothers and several wound-doctors", since the days of lying in labor pregnant women can not.
An obstetric sound, easy to read book that can answer many questions from pregnant women for whom the surgery is often no time or the "woman" come later.

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Sabine Schneider